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Other Humans

I have friends and they are wonderful people. All of them. They are all remarkable, accomplished and unendingly fascinating. I wonder why they want to be friends with me sometimes and I am not saying this so people can tell me that I am amazing or other flattering things. This is not an appeal to receive tons of compliments but a true bit of confusion. I am not exciting at all really. I write small  stories and not so many of those in recent years and I work at a library. I have two lovely daughters and a very kind, understanding husband whom I adore. I am lucky, blessed, happy and mostly in a good place. 

The thing is this — I am not remarkable. I am normal. I know and accept this. My friends start businesses in the spare fifteen minutes they have before bed. My friends plan trips that take them to exotic places, cost little because they are savvy and sought after and so they add stamps to their passport. My friends go to fabulous restaurants, order non-traditional foods that taste like ambrosia to the gods and they eat half because they have superhuman self control. My friends survive cancer, write a book about it, get it published and then introduce me as a writer. My friends get new cars for their birthdays and it is a surprise, they are thrilled and then tell me all about their dream car and I am astounded. Any car someone decides to give me is my dream car. lol. It occurs to me that my standards are set sort of low. HAHAHAHAHA! 

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Writing for the Remix

I was writing for the Remix at Hawthorn and Vine and I had chosen to mix it up with "Sabrina, Fair" which is just such a great tale. I wrote and I wrote. It felt rusty but good. I was excited. I lined up my beta who was not my usual beta but someone who was so thrilled to be my beta that I was flattered. I was crazy with reality. Reality was kicking my ass like a ninja but when I came home and the dust settled on each day, I was writing. Man, it felt so good! 

When the deadline came, I was finished but tweaking and the mods gave me a couple days to tweak and send to my beta. I tweaked that very moment, that very day. I was so excited. Still, there was a reason I should have been worried but I had been wrapped up in the writing vortex for a while and had not been as respectful to the weather gods as I should have been. I see that now. 


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All Adrift

It is happening again and I am truly freaking out. I feel unstable, as though I cannot properly function, like a refugee in a hostile land. Hawthorn and Vine is down again. Everything feels uncertain. Again. I am not complaining. I am stating a fact. My last place to read and relax online is down and will probably be back up really soon and I feel so out of control it is ridiculous. 

Could I be more dramatic? Probably. lol.

I was a member of the most fantastical Coloured Grey back in the heyday of Harry Potter fanfic. I loved it there. I mostly lurked but toward the end of the site I actually got a couple of stories posted there and was actively adding chapters each week and then it went BAM! And I was adrift. Lost and pathetic. It was a moment in my life when I had to face how much time I dedicated to online reading, writing, and friends.

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Happy birthday to you, river tempest! You deserve the very best words, thoughts, and wishes!

xoxo Kel (DHLane)

Birthday Wishes for laurielover1912!!!

Dearest laurielover1912 - I am sending lovely wishes for a most splendid celebration.

Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!


Voting for Beltane Drabble War!!

There is still time! You can read, review and vote for your favorite story on Granger Enchanted and also on Malfoy Manor. Still, time is fleeting, so make haste to the sites and coordinating eljays for all the fun!! xoxoKel

Happy Birthday to Blue!!!

I hope your special days ROCKS YOUR SOCKS!!!!


Rawr Rawr Rawr - Happy Birthday, Dyni!!

I hope your birthday is filled with all the things that make you happy!! <3

Maria Lynette's Birthday!!!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Maria!!!


WiccaKitty's Birthday!!


I hope your special is wonderful for a whole week!

xoxo Kel