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Happy birthday to you, river tempest! You deserve the very best words, thoughts, and wishes!

xoxo Kel (DHLane)

Birthday Wishes for laurielover1912!!!

Dearest laurielover1912 - I am sending lovely wishes for a most splendid celebration.

Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!


Voting for Beltane Drabble War!!

There is still time! You can read, review and vote for your favorite story on Granger Enchanted and also on Malfoy Manor. Still, time is fleeting, so make haste to the sites and coordinating eljays for all the fun!! xoxoKel

Happy Birthday to Blue!!!

I hope your special days ROCKS YOUR SOCKS!!!!


Rawr Rawr Rawr - Happy Birthday, Dyni!!

I hope your birthday is filled with all the things that make you happy!! <3

Maria Lynette's Birthday!!!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, Maria!!!


WiccaKitty's Birthday!!


I hope your special is wonderful for a whole week!

xoxo Kel

That's what I like about the south!!

So, the weather outside is frightful and I am looking forward to being snowed in my house for probably about two days. That sentence says it all. There shall be snow which makes me want to be cozy. There shall be no school, no work, no leaving the house. This state of being snowed in will only last about 48 hours before the crazy,schizophrenic, southern weather will decide to blast a balmy preview for spring.


It is just the perfect amount of winter.

That's all.

Missing Out

I've been sick today. Actually, it started  yesterday but this morning when I woke up, I realized just how completely sick I was and wanted to cry. We had been prepared to go to a gymnastics meet for my youngest daughter, Susannah and I realized almost immediately that I wouldn't be able to go. This is the first of these that I have missed and it sort of broke my heart a bit. You see, I feel, perhaps egocentrically, that she needs me at these meets to offer support and encouragement. Her dad took her and it was fine even though she said she didn't feel that she brought her best to the competition. It just didn't feel right - she said.

It didn't feel right for me either.

I guess at fourteen years of age it is nice to know she still needs her mother just a bit. Still, the writing is on the wall and I read it today and truly wondered where the years had gone. My babies are growing up  so fast. They are growing up and I am growing older too. This is an old theme but a valid one. I suppose I knew one day I would feel this way but, DAMN, I was hoping it would take longer than it did.

Katherine, my oldest daughter, stayed home with me and she was as dear as any person could possibly be all day. She tended to her poor, pitiful, sick mother like an angel and even put Sense and Sensibility in the DVD player for me, to which I napped. lol. I love that film though you couldn't prove it by my actions today. She sat in a chair nearby, laptop open and dainty fingers tapping out a story with  a focus and inspiration for which I felt true envy. She is my story girl and she whispered to me one day, when she was much smaller, that sometimes she had to wake up and write her stories down because if she didn't she would never get to sleep. She said the characters just bugged her to write it down until she did. This all came as an explanation for why she was typing in the middle of the night. Have you ever watched your child and felt that they were so much like you it hurt? She is better, finer and way more talented than I ever thought about being but still, the love of the story and the desire to bend the words to her will exist in her in exactly the same way it does for me.

This is not the first time I have spoken of my children here and it will not be the last. I guess you can tell I love them. hehehe.

How sad is it that my concentration for writing only lasted this long. Just long enough to share this tiny bit of me. Now back to the sleeping, which has been my best achievement today.


Happy Happy Happy Day!

Truly - I hope your day is absolutely wonderful! You deserve many good things and I wish for you all the good things in the universe! xoxoKel